Our product

The Viscosan™ products and the processes used for their isolation are totally environmentally friendly.  Viscosan™ degrades to harmless water soluble mono- and oligo-saccharides and the process for the isolation of Viscosan™ produce waste streams free from toxic solvents and agents harmful to the environment.

Viscosan™ series

The Viscosan™ series is a range of pure and well characterized biodegradable polymers. Viscosan™, which has its origin in a natural source, marine shells, is first isolated in the form of chitin which is further processed to give a series of versatile polymers with use in many areas, e.g. pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and cosmetics.

A unique process

The process conditions for isolation of Viscosan™ are unique and different from those used for isolation of traditional chitosans.  These differences are reflected in the physical, chemical and biological properties of Viscosan™, and together make Viscosan™ a more useful polymer than traditional chitosans.

Experts in Chitin and Chitosan

Flexichem is the owner and provider of a unique chitosan technology based on the use of homogenously, “randomly”, deacetylated chitosan,  a technology originally developed by Viscogel AB.