To order please contact us for an initiated discussion. To make sure you get the qualities you want we are happy to guide you in your selection of Viscosan™.


Viscosan™ is sold in sizes of 100 mg, 1 g and 5 g and the price is the same for all qualities irrespectively of degree of deacetylation.

For special qualities and larger quantities, please contact us for a discussion.

Sample size

100 mg

1 g

5 g





Terms of Sale and Delivery

Prices are quoted in Euro (€) exclusive of VAT and are subject to change without prior written notice.


Our products are delivered by courier to a point named by the customer. The cost for freight, exchange fees, local taxes, customs and other charges are not included in the price and are to be paid by the buyer. Buyers are solely responsible for compliance to local laws and regulations. Delivery will normally be within 10 working days.

Terms of payment

30 days net. Bank transfer (SWIFT NDEASESS) is accepted for international payments.

Terms of use

Our compounds are designated for laboratory use only.

Flexichem AB is not liable for damages to persons and property resulting from incorrect handling or storage of our compounds.

We reserve the right to discontinue the offering of any item without prior notice.


Store in a closed container protected from light preferably < 25C°. Viscosan™ shows a good stability and can be stored at ambient temperature and humidity (25 C°/60 RH) for more than three years.


All compounds are delivered according to our stated specifications. Complaints regarding quality will be acknowledged only if made within 30 days after receipt and if the compound is in the original packing. The latter should be returned to us for inspection. Each complaint will be carefully considered and, at our discretion the compound may be replaced or the money refunded.


It is possible that some of our products are, or may in the future, be associated with third party intellectual property. Users are solely responsible for determining the existence of such patents and whether the intended application of the products will constitute an infringement of those patents.